Smart Business Software for Engineering Services providers

Why do engineering firms use business software?

Here are some of the benefits that business software brings to engineering companies, including better project management, cost savings, real-time measurement data, and complete integration packages. It will help you make better decisions and expand your business to new heights. 

The following are some of the main benefits of business software to engineering: customer-oriented systems, data efficiency, and effective communication.

State-of-the-art software technology for your Engineering Services Business

 With the right business software, you can lay the foundation for your company’s digital future starting today, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve tomorrow. Smart business software is built on the important themes of tomorrow. We are happy to keep you informed and work with you to build your unique vision for the future.

Accounting Module in Business Software

 The accounting module provides information about the organization’s main account needs and allows you to manage company costs by providing useful information. You can use it to automate financial and accounting tasks, such as sales invoices, purchase invoices, and payment entries. You can also use automatic depreciation entries to track changes in your assets over time. 

• Accounting for many companies that can generate consolidated accounting reports. 

• Automatically send out payment reminders for your accounts receivable.

 • Export/import accounting in various currencies

• Comprehensive sales, acquisitions, and gross profit statistics.

Estimation of cost and revenue

Cost and revenue estimation is important because industry activities are slightly more complicated, the costs and profits incurred must be accurately measured. Businesses benefit from smart business software because it simplifies and saves time.

Automation increases productivity

Productivity is driven by automation. The automation of smart business software processes saves a lot of time for company employees and improves their work efficiency and success rate, thereby increasing the productivity of business entities.

Efficient working methods

Reliable practical methods facilitate the transition from manual activities and documentation to digital methods. It can easily track everything and store it in a logical order.

Increase in the Return on Investment

The Smart business software of engineering companies can help reduce labor-intensive activities, provide real-time information, reduce unnecessary time. It makes cost estimates at each stage more accurate, all of which lead to an increase in company return on investment.

A solution for all areas

Generix Solutions has created a solution for engineering, planning, and design companies that will meet all your organizational needs and enable you to focus on your core business. Smart business software includes everything needed to create requirements, purchase, obtain external resources, and track project-related costs and financial accounting. Generix business software is used to monitor all processes, such as preliminary costing, quotation management and order management, personnel planning and resource planning, time tracking, invoicing, and purchasing.

Your route into the networked world

Digitization is not the only factor to be considered. Different IT systems work together, and it is also important to work smoothly. SBS is a desktop business software that can meet all your needs from a single source.

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