“Implementation of Smart Micro Credit ERP at SAYYA Foundation


Generix Solutions implemented a complete Smart Micro Credit ERP at SAYYASAYYA having 3 branches, 3 Area offices with millions of loaning portfolios is working live over the internet through the main server installed at the SAYYA head office. As indicated by the business needs of SAYYA, Smart Micro Credit ERP is executed with the following Modules:


  • Loaning Module (MIS)
  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Poverty Score Card Module
  • Branch Less Banking Integration
  • SMS System
  • GPS Client Tracking Module
  • Savings Module
  • Pass Book Module
  • Pre / Post Loan Utilization Module
  • Multi-Branch, Project, Donor & Phases
  • Budgeting Module
  • HRMS & Payroll System
  • Support & Maintenance Ticketing System
  • CIB Integration Module (3rd Party Interface to Data Check)

About Sayya Foundation:

Sayya Foundation is non Governmental, non-political, and non-profitable social service organization. Work for Socio-Economic Development of the underprivileged communities of Pakistan targeting health, education, technical education natural resources development, and advocacy with the assistance of government and non-government donor agencies and the local community.