“Implementation of HRMS (Human Resource Management System) at MaxCare International”


Generix Solutions implemented a complete HRMS (Human Resource Management System) at MaxCare International.  As indicated by the business needs of MaxCare International, Human Resource Management System is executed with the following Modules:


  • Set-up
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Profile
  • Attendance Management
  • Payroll
  • Funds Management
  • Leave Management
  • Loan Management
  • Appraisal
  • Reporting

About MaxCare International:

MaxCare International is the only Color cosmetic multinational company that is operating itself with its Country Office in Lahore Pakistan.

Product & Services delivered ethically contributes towards our big names of Diana of London (Made in UK) D.M.G.M (Made in Italy) color cosmetic brands. These brands have grown as major players internationally & now in Pakistan. Diana of London & D.M.G.M color cosmetics are complete blends to have sparkling look, captivating eyes & See-through colors.

Products are manufactured in Europe & are in compliance with all the international rules & are approved by FDA & EEU. All products are free of animal fats, derivatives & are opt homologically & dermatologically tested

Pakistan not being the largest but has been the fastest-growing market for beauty products in recent years. Diana of London & D.M.G.M, the quality products are there to satisfy this urge.

Diana of London is available across the country on all the major retail outlets, whereas D.M.G.M being an exclusive brand & recently launched from Islamabad & Karachi will restrict to the major outlets and cities only.