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Inventory Management Module

The module records and tracks all activities relating to stocks.


SBS Always Shows Product Quantity When bought and shifted to Warehouse and When it Sold-out It Will Update and in Case of Return The Product It Will Be Updated



If Your Company Has Multiple Wearhouse in Different Locations and Products are Available on Multiple Locations Than No Need to Worry About it. You Can Track Location Wise Stock



Product Description Can Be Tricky Sometimes. It Can Be Confusing Because of Very Similar Names. So Smart Business Suite Providing Option of Large Image With Name and Quantity

Inventory Management Module
The module records and tracks all activities relating to stocks. The main features will include the following:
  • Product Quantity
  • Product Batch/Serial/IMEI Nos
  • Stock Value using Average Method for Accounts
  • Product Quantity bought/sold/returned
  • Location wise Stock
  • Stock Valuation
  • Product profit period wise
  • Complete Product Details
  • Supplier Details
  • Product Category Details (up to 5 types/levels)
  • Define Stock Adjustment Types like Wastage, Short etc
  • Tracking Inventory Adjustments through Adjustment Types & Reasons
  • Warehouse Definitions
  • Department Details
  • Product Tax Details
  • Product Batch/Serial/IMEI No wise stocking
  • Unit of Measurement (UOM) Definition
  • Product wise UOM Selection with conversion formulization
  • UOM Integration at Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice
  • Sales/Purchase Multi UOM Prints
  • Auto Calculate and Set the Product Costing According to Misrouting Transactions
  • Product sale price is defined at the time of product creation and can be altered in product details or even while entering a sales invoice.
  • Inventory Hold Features & Reverse Hold Features
  • Introduced New Product Profile Feature. User can view Product's Location wise Stocks, Price levels and Sales to Customer in last 6 months as well as in old dates
  • Product Profile Print of a Specific Product
  • Bulk Update of Product Profile Features – List down the Product Main fields in Table for Editing & Bulk Save
  • New Option to Show Product Large Image with Stock Quantity
  • New Stock Transfer Voucher Option with Prints
  • Introduced Advance Search Option in Product List
  • Auto Verification of Product In stock Quantity with Product Transaction Balance
  • Identify In stock Mis-postings, Wrong Transaction, Negative Inventory Issues & Quantity Misrouting and Update Stock Quantity as per Transaction History
  • Update the Stock Valuations & Profit/Loss According to Average Costing
  • Opening Balance of the Product should be entered by a purchase invoice, at the time of system initial run
  • No Individual A/C necessary to be opened in the Chart of Account for each Product
  • Product Cost is automatically entered using purchase invoice value and on Average Method
  • The total stock value of the in-house stock is automatically computed and depicted in the GL accounts


  • Complete Product Details with Picture
  • Product Category, Size, Model, Brand, Make Details
  • Product Formulization & Replacement details
  • Product Minimum, Maximum and Re-Order Levels
  • Supplier & Department Details.
  • Product Multiple Locations & Tax Details
  • Product Costing Value & on Average Method
  • Product Quantity Bought/Sold/Returned/Scrap
  • Product List With Location Wise Stock
  • Product Expiry on Invoice
  • Product Serial Number Report (Location Wise)
  • Product Wise Re Order Quantity Status
  • Product Activity Location Wise
  • Product Transfer Activity
  • Stock Movement Summary
  • Stock Report Location Wise Up to Date
  • Daily Stock Status Summary Report
  • Stock Adjustment B/W Two Dates
  • Stock Adjustment B/W Two Dates (Customer Wise)
  • Main Store Issuance
  • Product Sale Summary Sale Person Wise Up to Date
  • Product Purchase Item Wise (Location Wise)
  • Product Valuation With tax
  • Product Valuation (Supplier Wise)
  • Product Valuation Summary
  • Product Adjustments (in/out)
  • Product Batch/Serial/IMEI No’s & Locations.
  • Extensive Product Search Facilities on every field
  • Stock Valuation & Product Profit Period Wise
  • Stock Value Automatically Computed & Depicted In Financials

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