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    Inventory Control

Product List
Product Ledger
Stock Adjustment

    Receivables & Sales

Customer List
Customer Ledger
Sale List
Sale Invoice

    Payables & Purchases

Purchase Invoice
Supplier List
Supplier Ledger

    Sale Order Management

Sale List
Sale Order
Dispatch Order Slip

Delivery Chelan

    Purchase Order Management

Purchase List
Purchase Order
Service Purchase Invoice


    Finanical Accounting

General Ledger List
G/L Ledger
Journal Voucher

Chart of Accounts

    Production Management

Production List
Good Received
Auto Good Received

Auto Material Issue
Material Issue

    Cash / Bank Management

Cashbank List
Cashbank Ledger
G / L Payment

G / L Receipt
Supplier Payment
Voucher Posting

    Gate Pass

Inward Gate Pass
Outward Gate Pass


  " The agreement is made between   SMEDA and Generix Solutions for    implementing Smart Business Suite   to SME'S.(August 2004) "

     "Ultra Tech becomea Marketing     Partner of Generix Solutions for the     sale of Smart Business Suite.(Sep     2004) "

  " Pakistanís first packaged Accounting     Software launched in ITCN Asia      2003 Karachi."

   " Smart Business Suite starts selling     on major CDs and Books shop all     over in Lahore. "

      " Smart Business Suite got good
      response in Punjab e-Government
      Conference & IT Exhibition. "

Online Support
SBS Registration

      Financial Accounting Module
      Products Definition Module
      Customers Module
      Suppliers Module
      Purchase Module
      Cash / Bank Module
      Sales Module
      Inventory Module

" Toyota Granted a Honour to Generix Solutions after detail analysis...." TOYOTA
" We are clients of Generix
Solution, using their software SBS
 for last three year. Their technical
staff are firmed aware about the requirement of Clients."

" We are Using your Accounting software since 2003,We found that
 its best for Inventory, General Ledger. We are quit satisfied with your software."