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 Small & Medium Solutions { Features }

        Generix Solutions possesses solid experience of the development and maintenance of the largest computerization projects.  Our
        software business activities include, Projects Consultancy, Product Development, Maintenance & support, web site development and
        e-commerce Solutions. Our objective is to develop unique, cost effective and top quality software.

        Smart Business Suite is Pakistan's first Box packed ready to install product, specially designed for Pakistani market, for small and
        medium level Trading, Services and Manufacturing concerns companies. It's an integrated business application which is developed on
        customer experience and accounting standards. After successfully running in hundreds of Companies now it is launched as a Product.

    Financial Accounting     Inventory
    Receivable & Sales    Payables & Purchases 
   Production    Cash / Bank
    Default Module     databackup

        Smart Financial Accounting Module

 Chart of Accounts.
Voucher Entries.
 Financial Year Selection.
 General Journal & Day Books.
 Year Ending & Periods wise Analysis.
 General Ledger.
 Expense Analysis & Banks Reports.
 Trial Balance.
 Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss.
 Audit Trail.
 Cash Flow Statements.

        Smart Inventory Control Module

 Complete Product Details with Picture.
 Supplier & Department Details.
 Product Category, Size, Model, Brand, Make Details.
 Product Costing Value & on Average Method.
 Product Formulization & Replacement details.
 Product Quantity Bought/Sold/Returned/Scrap.
 Product Multiple Locations & Tax Details..
 Product Batch No's & Locations.
 Stock Valuation & Product Profit Period Wise.
 Stock Value Automatically Computed & Depicted In Financials.

        Smart Receivables & Sales Module

 Customer Info and Other Details.
 Customer Aging Periods & Detail Ledger.
 Customer Type & Credit Limits
 Sales, Service & Return Invoices.
 Customer Department & Tax Details.
 Cash & Credit Sales, Sales by Product serial No.
 Sales Tax Computation, Discounts & Taxes.
 Quotations & Sales Performa.
 Customer Analysis Summary & Time Taken to Payable Invoices.
 Automatic Updating Customer Balance, Inventory & Financials.
 Receivables Value Automatically Computed & Depicted In Financials.
 No Individual Account In Chart Of Account for Each Customer.

        Smart Payables and Purchases Module

 Supplier Info & Other Details.
 Supplier Summary & Detail Ledger.
 Suppliers Terms & Credit Limits.
 Suppliers Department & Tax Details.
 Supplier Analysis Summary & Others.
 Purchase, Service & Return Invoices.
 No Individual Account In Chart Of Account for Each Supplier.
 LC Costing & Tracking.
 Automatic Supplier, Inventory & Financial Updating.
 Product Purchases by Serial No's.
 Payables Value Automatically Computed & Depicted In Financials.
 Auto Calculation of Purchase Cost.
 Payments Overdue/Advance.
 Cash/Credit Purchases.
 Supplier Ageing.

        Smart Production Management Module

 Material Issue Note.
 Processing Cost & Comparison Sheets.
 Finished Goods Receive Note.
 Auto Inventory Updating.
 Batch wise Processing.
 Batch wise Balance Report.
 Completed/Incomplete Batch's Reports.

        Smart Cash/Bank Management Module

 GL Payments.
 Inter-bank Or Inter Account Transfers.
 Supplier Payments.
 Cash / Bank Accounts Detailed Activity.
 GL Receipts.
 Customer Receipts Slips.
 Invoice and Customer wise individual Receipts.
 Supplier Payment Slips.

        Data Backup and Security 

 Backup of Data.
 Restore Data.
 User Creation wizard.
 Login Screen.
 Change Password.
 Modification in Entered Data.
 User Creation wizard.
 Change Password.
 Login Screen.

        Default  Module

 Default Accounts for Auto Transaction.
 Customer Defaults Settings..
 Supplier Defaults Settings..
 Product Defaults Settings..    
 Purchase Defaults Settings..    
 Sales Defaults Settings..

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      Financial Accounting Module
      Products Definition Module
      Customers Module
      Suppliers Module
      Purchase Module
      Cash / Bank Module
    Sales Module
      Inventory Module

Toyota Granted a Honour to Generix Solutions after detail analysis...TOYOTA

 We are clients of Generix
Solution, using their software SBS
 for last three year. Their technical
staff are firmed aware about the requirement of Clients...

 We are Using your Accounting software since 2003,We found that
 its best for Inventory, General Ledger. We are quit satisfied with your software... SHALIMAR STEEL

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